Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Chief Iraq War Crimes Investigator Visits Kuwait

The imminent prosecution of former Iraqi regime stalwarts for war crimes hasn't received much coverage lately in the American press. But in the January 24 broadcast of the Arabic-language Radio Free Iraq, the story is alive and kicking. Here's a translated excerpt from one report:

Informed Kuwaiti legal sources say that the matter of Iraqi war criminals will witness some movement in the next few days, after a visit which the judge Ra'id al-Juhi -- of the Iraqi War Crimes Office, which is an offshoot of the general prosecutors' office -- will pay to Kuwait, to deal with a number of cases against alleged Iraqi war criminals. The sources said that al-Juhi -- who has been put in charge of the investigative office of the Iraqi Criminal Court, and who is also in charge of the investigation of the deposed President Saddam Hussein and other former regime members -- will speak with Kuwaiti officials about the latest arrangements and manner of transmission of Kuwaiti evidence and allegations.

It seems that Al-Juhi and his team would like to increase its coordination with Kuwait, which has already prepared 200 charges' worth of indictments of Saddam and members of his former inner circle. Most of these are allegations of war crimes and human rights violations arising out of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait over a decade ago.